about Albanova


AlbaNova is a festival for music of the past and present, full of resonating discoveries for all ages. Visitors will find a varied selection of concerts, workshops, installations, daring performances and musical walks within the historic setting of Grand Commandery Alden Biesen. Discovery, experience and immersion in music merge together seamlessly.

On 28 June 2020, AlbaNova ‘Lift Off’ would have normally kicked off a vibrant summer. Unfortunately, a well-known ‘germ’ has put a stop to that. As a result, AlbaNova ‘Lift Off’ will not take place this year, but will be moved to 2021.

Of course we make this decision with a heavy heart, but the safety and health of our employees, partners, volunteers, artists and you as an audience is our top priority. However, we continue to work behind the scenes, so that next year we can enjoy a wonderful - and hopefully sun-drenched - festival day together; full of special listening experiences.

People who had already bought a ticket for AlbaNova 2020 have been personally contacted. Did you buy a ticket for AlbaNova ‘Lift Off’, but have yet to receive an email about compensation? Please contact us via info@musica.be.

For AlbaNova 2021, keep an eye on this website or sign up for our newsletter. This way you will be the first to know about the latest updates


AlbaNova opts for a single festival ticket that provides admission for the entire programme. You can choose to attend the midsummer festival for a whole or half day. We recommend that you arrive at Alden Biesen early and be dazzled all day long by the beauty that AlbaNova has to offer.

The programme indicates clearly which concerts are behind closed doors. This means that once the concert has begun, the doors stay closed. During activities or concerts with open doors, you can wander in and out as you please. Most artists are  programmed twice throughout the day to cope with possible high demand.


AlbaNova offers more than a festival day full of beautiful listening experiences.

Indulge your taste buds with local treats from the food court or explore the beautiful surroundings of Grand Commandery Alden Biesen with the whole family during a musical walk.

Need a moment of rest? Lay back in the grass on the festival meadow and enjoy it all with your eyes closed. That too is all part of the festival experience.


AlbaNova aims to challenge both the artists and the audience, and offers several unique forms of audience participation and active experience. 


AlbaNova provides 1 festival ticket that gives access to the domain of Grand Commandery Alden Biesen and the entire program.

The program overview indicates which concerts take place behind closed doors. This means: once the concert has started, the doors will remain closed. During activities or concerts with open doors you can walk in and out freely. To avoid heartbreaking dilemmas, most artists are scheduled to perform twice at different times in the program. In this way, you don’t have to choose one performance/artist over another.


AlbaNova challenges both artists and the public. The festival invites you to broaden your musical horizons. AlbaNova aims to inspire, create and develop by making connections between musical riches of the past and present; by creating encounters between professional artists and amateurs, young and old, between music makers and music lovers.

Watch the aftermovie of AlbaNova ‘En Route’ below:


Experiencing a concert or visiting a festival together is not something that everyone can take for granted.

Therefore, the Musicafonds gives visitors to AlbaNova ‘Lift Off’ the opportunity to give a living room concert as a gift to someone who can no longer attend the festival. Come to AlbaNova, register and maybe you will surprise someone with a musical gift.

“Last weekend was the big day ... Both Kleine Kadee and Flavie became very quiet and it was clear that the music hit Kadeeke. Kleine Kadee continued to listen and enjoy very carefully, just like Grote Kadee and myself. It was a very nice, warm evening with lovely people, an evening that will linger in our house for a long time. "

- Eva, recipient in 2019

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