Bezieling en passie - Cancelled

Offer for schools

Thu 03 Dec 2020 - 13:30 to 15:30
Landcommanderij Alden Biesen, Kasteelstraat 6, 3740 Bilzen

What motivates young people to make music their mission? What is old music? Why are young people motivated to perform old music and put old practices next to new practices? What plays a role in their choice of profession? 

With all these questions we let young people think about what choices they will have to make in the future. Some young people have known for a long time in which direction they want to move on. But there are also eternal doubters. And then there are the young people who do not dare to follow their heart, their passion, for rational reasons. 

In our offer, we let young people talk about those who did. Driven by their passion and with a great deal of appetite, young people still choose artistry today. So we actually provide a dating the artist to enter into a dialogue about the choices that determine the future and invite them to think out-of-the-box for a while. The young artists of Sweete Devils talk freely: a simple story about 'almost' ordinary guys with sneakers and sweaters.