Bart Rodyns, Nicolas Callot & Dirk Proost


Closed doors ° Sunday 30 June ° 11.00 ° 30'
Foyer Rijschool, Landcommanderij Alden Biesen, Kasteelstraat 6, 3740 Bilzen

Bart Rodyns, Nicolas Callot Dirk Proost join forces to create a dazzling program, ‘En Route’ through time, that will be performed alternately or simultaneously on Harpsichord and Pianoforte. 

Whoever says Domenico Scarlatti, hears sonatas for piano. During the period when he worked for the court in Madrid, Scarlatti was able to incorporate lots of Spanish folk music into his sonatas. These sonatas form the starting point of this performance. ZEITSPIEL sets off from fragments of clicking castanets, the cheerfulness of folksy village music groups, a percussive guitar and the raw bitterness of lamenting gypsy songs in order to look for modern sounds and experimentation.

The beauty and virtuosity of Scarlatti occasionally makes room for contemporary sounds from 'the beast', a dismantled and untameable, out of control piano. Subsequently, almost unnoticed, you glide back into antiquity through graphic scores from the twentieth century. With this pendulum movement, ZEITSPIEL illustrates that any sound from any (string) instrument and from any time can make a connection with one another. Immerse yourself in a vacuum of timelessness and surrender to the magic of sound.

Bart Rodyns Nicolas Callot