Benjamin Glorieux & Elisa Medinilla

Key Jack vs Debussy

Sunday 28 June 2020 • noon • 30' • Closed doors
Kapel, Landcommanderij Alden Biesen, Kasteelstraat 6, 3740 Bilzen

“In a world minted by media even the total absence of an instrument in a classical concert doesn’t lead to any irritation in the audience.” - Michael Beil

Debussy was one of many artists who took a seat in Nadar's studio to be immortalized in a portrait. One of his last compositions, Cello Sonata, was part of his plan to compose six instrumental sonatas for various instruments, three of which he was able to complete before his death. Cello Sonata was originally supposed to have the subtitle Pierrot fâché avec la lune, with Debussy allowing the sonata to follow a descriptive scenario of Pierrot's frustration about his unrequited love. Not only was Debussy inspired by this commedia dell’arte figure, Nadar also had this character pose in front of his lens in the photo series têtes d'expression.

Benjamin Glorieux and Elisa Medinilla delve into the figure of Pierrot and play Cello Sonata on piano and cello. In the second part of this program the traditional instruments are exchanged for a modern translation: brace yourself for a piece of virtuoso piano playing without a piano present.

Michael Beil created Key Jack in 2017, a performance in which the traditional grand piano has completely disappeared from the scene. The classical pianist has been given a modern twist. Ready for a nerve-racking playback challenge, Elisa Medinalla can count on the help of two doppelgängers on either side. Recombinations arise, combined with a game of movement and sound, which may surprise even the most alert spectator.

Prepare for a fascinating spectacle, where the absence of a real piano is barely noticeable.

Michael Beil, Concept - Benjamin Glorieux, Cello - Wannes Gonnissen, sound director - Elisa Medinilla, pianist without piano - Thomas Moore, production - Melissa Portaels, production

Michael Beil