Balloon ride during AlbaNova


Conclude your festival day with an unforgettable experience and reserve your place in a hot air balloon!

Nadar is inextricably linked to the image of a hot air balloon.
During his many trips with Le Géant, he became the first photographer to take snapshots from the air and thus introduced the world to a new perspective.

Do you also dream of such a special experience? Follow in the footsteps of Nadar and book your ticket for a balloon flight after AlbaNova ‘Lift Off’!


How does it work?

Thanks to the collaboration with RAL ballooning Maaseik, every visitor to AlbaNova 2020 can take a balloon flight for an additional cost! First enjoy a full day of festival and get ready for your personal ‘Lift Off’ in the evening after the closing event!

The price of this amounts to 125 euros p.p. for children and adolescents (under 26 years) and 145 euros p.p. for adults (from 26 years). The balloon flight is not included in your festival ticket for AlbaNova; which means, you need to buy a separate ticket. Tickets can be reserved here. After your reservation you will receive a confirmation and two weeks in advance you will receive an email with the latest practical information.

This package can only be booked in advance, reservations are open till 12 June at the latest. Order now and don’t miss out!


What if the weather is bad?

If it’s not possible to take off due to adverse weather conditions, ticket buyers will receive a voucher, valid for a balloon flight throughout the Benelux. In that case a new date and boarding place can be agreed; in consultation with RAL ballooning Maaseik.


Who can join the ride?

Everyone in good health is allowed to join. However, it is recommended that only children above 1.20 meters participate. Children smaller than this height cannot look over the basket. Unfortunately, pregnant women cannot sail.