Normally we would have given the year 2020 a musical end with AlbaNova series 2020. On the 31st of October a concert series 'reflection and mirroring' was planned and for the 3rd of December there was a moment of inspiration ('inspiration and passion') for the students of the last grade of high school. Unfortunately, a well-known germ put a stop to this, but don't worry! ‘Inpiration and passion’ from the AlbaNova Series 2020 was transformed into an online teaching package: ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’.

With ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’ teachers can register their class, up until the Christmas holidays, for a free hour of culture via zoom: exit the stage, enter the virtual classroom. Some artists who can't be pidgeonholed are happy to give students an insight into a number of subjects that lie close to their hearts. 

Musica takes on four activities within this initiative:

Video Orchestra - Dries Janssen (in two teaching moments)

Just as Coldcut & Hextatic with Timber (from 30 seconds onwards) released a close relationship between sound and image in the 90s , we can search for sounds in the same way with a laptop or smartphone. We form a live zoom orchestra with sounds that we can find directly on every desk. Then we continue our search for interesting video samples that we can record and send with our smartphone. 
The collected video samples are then processed by a video artist/musician who in a second session will play the submitted fragments as if they were a real orchestra. 

Inspiration & passion - Didier François, Philippe Malfeyt & Thomas Baeté

Under the Shakespearean motto 'there is more between heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy', nyckelharpist Didier François, lutenist Philippe Malfeyt and gambist Thomas Baeté enter into dialogue with history and the pupils. They arrange music by lute virtuosos such as Robert Johnson, Robert de Visée and Silvius Leopold Weiss, gamba music by Marin Marais, violin partitas by Johann Sebastian Bach, Dowland, Vivaldi and improvise on danceable folky tunes or their own compositions.

Sound art - Pak Yan Lau

Sound is always there. Around us and within us. Anything that makes a sound can be used to make music. Because what is music? The structuring, organizing and transforming of sound, right?
What are your favourite sounds? Where do they come from? What can you do with them?
I am a pianist and my daily sound comes from the piano. But it doesn't stop there. 
Even toy objects, popping candy, glasses, bottles, a wok,... as long as the sounds that come from them excite me, make me do something, that's reason enough to work with them. 
Collect the finest sounds around you and make your own composition.

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With support of Concertgebouw Brugge, De Bijloke Music Centre, DeSingel, City of Sint-Niklaas,  ChampdAction, Down The Rabbit Hole, HYOID, MATRIX [Centrum voor Nieuwe Muziek], Musica, Impulse Centre for Music, Nadar Ensemble, Zwerm, University of Gent, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy.