Landcommanderij Alden Biesen is easy to reach by car. There is a large car park on site.


For visitors from the Netherlands: on the belgian site you can find bus connections between maastricht and Bilzen. There is also a train connection between Maastricht-Tongeren and Tongeren-Bilzen. For more information, check


If you want to carpool, leave a message in the AlbaNova Facebook event or in the Facebook group Cultuurpoolen


Like last year, there will be a selection of original food and drink stands from local providers. 

  • Rosa on wheels (Coffee and flavoursome sweets)
  • Roses4you (Sandwiches & Southern specialties)
  • Zomerbar Alden Biesen (Refreshing drinks)

It is also permitted to bring a picnic from home.

Spend the night

Do you want to enjoy AlbaNova for a little longer or start your festival day well-rested whilst enjoying an extensive breakfast? There are various hotels and B&B’s in the area around the Land Commandery. However, visitors of AlbaNova festival can stay overnight in Martin’s Rentmeesterij for a special discounted price. The location of this hotel is only a stone's throw away from the festival grounds. In addition to a nice discount, you will also enjoy breakfast with cava!

Sounds interesting? For further information, click here.

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