AlbaNova is a festival for musical connoisseurs, curious ears and cultural adventure-seekers of all ages. In a historical decor which sparks the imagination; visitors will find a varied range of classical concerts, provocative creations, workshops and installations. AlbaNova provides rich and pleasant surroundings where the experience and discovery of music flow into one another. Become fully immersed in the AlbaNova experience; whether you are listening attentively in the intimacy of a chapel, singing along at the top of your voice, relaxing under a maypole or while enjoying a delicious picnic. Above all, we focus on families, children, young adults and the music makers of today.

Music as an artform absorbs all kind of influences on its way- throughout history or on a literal journey. Marked by its individuality and multiplicity, we can continue to explore and discover, without limitations. The connections that music makes due to its nomadic character, spanning generations and borders, forms the theme of AlbaNova 2019.

The programme promises that this year will be another outstanding edition: The singers of Psallentes will perform Lassus’ Psalmi poenitentiales. Ratas del viejo Mundo will immerse visitors into the world of folk music and polyphony. Discover the high-tech world of routes du son and above all, enjoy all the beauty that midsummer festival AlbaNova ‘En Route’ has to offer.